Days Since… Thomas: Day 758

by Robert Wilson

A virus… Chaos… Devastation…

Once the Almawt virus hit, human populations were decimated—very few were immune to its touch. Modern societies collapsed and survivors scrambled to sort through the violence and disorder.

Now, two years after the virus burned out, Army veteran, Thomas Ricard finds himself serving within the Second Alliance—a determined, paramilitary organization that has brought relative stability to the few survivors in the region.

It’s only when an old nemesis reemerges to challenge their way of life that Thomas is pulled from the ranks to lead a strike team against the threat—a threat that exists far beyond the Second Alliance’s area of influence.

In order to secure his future, Thomas must step up and cast aside the troubles of his past in order to ensure the threat doesn’t slip away again.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic