Days Since… Thomas: Day 758

by Robert Wilson

What if you put your fate in the wrong hands? What if taking it back was your worst option?

A virus devastated the world, and humanity lies in ruin.

Army veteran Thomas Ricard lost everything but his life—and his adopted son, Joseph.

Two years later, Thomas serves the Second Alliance. They bring stability to the region’s survivors. They’re far from perfect. But chaos was worse.

Thomas wants more for himself. Simply surviving isn’t enough.

The opportunity comes when a band of human traffickers encroaches on the Second Alliance’s territory. Thomas must lead the strike team to stop them, but the mission’s loaded with a huge gamble.

If he succeeds, his family’s future is secure. Failure means a swift transfer and losing his son.

Can Thomas win through and protect his family?

Will the Second Alliance even honor the agreement if he does?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic