Days of Endless Night

by Matt Larkin

n the freezing night, blood still boils.

Bearing a cursed sword, Hervor journeys alongside the man who murdered her father.

On an island beyond the bounds of Midgard, she plots her revenge. Here, days last but a few hours and the nights hold horrors born of the Otherworlds …

Her quest for vengeance leads her to wake these ancient powers.

Now, her only chance for survival may lie in the hands of her intended victim.

Days of Endless Night begins the Runeblade Saga, a series of dark fantasy, sword & sorcery adventures set during The Ragnarok Era. Grim warriors face down cursed blades, ancient evils, and numerous rivals in each gripping adventure.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Days of Bloody Thrones

by Matt Larkin

The dynasty built on blood, can drown in blood.

Arrow’s Point is dead but those who hired him remain. To bring them down, Hervor joins King Haki in his mission to conquer Sviarland.

To win against steep odds, Hervor needs to hire the greatest warrior in the North Realms, her former companion Starkad.

But Starkad is enmeshed in a quest to recover another of the cursed runeblades.

And neither of them are prepared for the dark powers who lurk behind the thrones.

Previously $3.99