Dawn of Purple and Grey

by Caroline Sciriha

When sixteen-year-old Shael, a potter’s daughter, cuts her hand while handling three mysterious statuettes, she finds—too late—that they belong to the Hyllethans, her country’s formidable enemies, and that she’s now linked to the tiny statues. Any breakage or pressure on the clay is felt on her flesh. But the statuettes have left the pottery and are on their way to the Queen. To avoid becoming a pawn in the hands of the rulers of two warring nations—or dangle from a hangman’s noose—Shael has to regain possession of the statuettes, even if this means teaming up with three Hyllethans who are bent on recovering the statuettes, too.
If you enjoy reading about magic, enemies to lovers, twists and turns, harrowing escapes and family drama, this is the book for you.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic