Dawn Of Affinity

by V.J. Deanes

In the laboratories of Wyndhall Life Sciences Center a group of researchers enjoy prominence as leading genetics experts, while they secretly experiment with human enhancement. It is 2029. Cloning humans is against the law. The affinity child, the researchers’ newest creation, will change human evolution forever.

The Society for the Elimination of Artificial People has Kalan Mars in their sights. The bullet misses and he embarks on a harrowing race for survival.

Kalan learns that his father and the scientists at Wyndhall established a colony where clones live clandestinely within the general population. He does not know if he is human, or a human replica. Revealing the truth about the colony will ruin lives and unleash chaos.

Kalan is caught between forces seeking to expose human enhancement and powers striving for it to remain an enigma.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History