Daughter of Winter

by Corina Douglas

Some choose to fight the darkness; others become it.

Darkness and danger enter Brydie MacKay’s life in the form of an unforeseen inheritance.

Ignorant of her turbulent birthright, and unaware that she is marked by an ancient prophecy wielded by the gods, Brydie becomes prey to a powerful adversary who seeks vengeance for the curse laid upon him thousands of years before.

When her life is threatened, and the lives of the people she cares for are placed in jeopardy, Brydie must choose to embrace her legacy and fight the darkness or lose everything she loves.

Daughter of Winter is the first book in a gripping fantasy series based on the legends behind the winter goddess, Cailleach Bheur. The series draws you into a world of Celtic mythology, powerful Druids, dark magic, and fated mates.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Winter’s Mantle

by Corina Douglas

She thought she was ready to embrace her destiny. She was wrong.

Brydie MacKay has accepted that she is the last Daughter of Winter. Her old life soon becomes a distant memory as she is initiated into a world of Druidic magic. However, the further Brydie delves into her legacy, the more she realizes that she is up against impossible odds. Training is brutal beyond imagining, and the full power of her birthright eludes her. To make matters worse, everyone has an agenda—even the man required by prophecy to protect her.

It soon becomes clear that Brydie must prove not only to herself but to all the other descendants that she is worthy of her legacy. However, time is not on her side. Samhain is approaching, and Brydie can never forget that the Dark One is watching, readying himself for his inevitable attack.

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