Data Mine

by Lou Iovino

Political scandals. Corporate greed. Embezzlement, disinformation, and fraud. Schemes perpetrated, year after year, by an elite few—and yet it’s always the little people who pay the price.

But not anymore.

Individuals who wield global influence are now required to receive Harvesters—nanoparticle-infused, flexible circuitry tattoos that transmit a person’s biometric data for monitoring and analysis.

Analysis by Data Miners—like Gwen Elliott.

Gwen is one of the data mining industry’s most talented analysts. She sees things that others miss. And she’s been chosen as personal data miner for Senator Rosemary Martin, the leading candidate for President of the United States.

But Senator Martin has a dark secret. One that she’s determined to keep hidden at all costs.

Only Gwen can solve the mystery buried deep in the senator’s data . . . but first, she needs to figure out how to survive.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure