DarkSkull Hall

by Lisa Cassidy

In a world of kings, mages and warriors, could one girl be the most powerful of all? Darkness spreads. Some will not accept it. Some will fight back…
Born into the small, peaceful country of Rionn, Alyx Egalion knows little of mages or battles. Yet soon after her sixteenth birthday, the pampered daughter of nobility has her world shattered when she learns that she is the daughter of a mage and must travel to the distant country of Tregaya to learn her magic at DarkSkull Hall.
Stripped of everything familiar to her, and surrounded by strangers she cannot trust, Alyx finds herself in a world where courage, magic and wits are the only things that will keep her alive.
And the longer she spends at DarkSkull, the more she discovers about the terrible secrets that hide her true past—secrets that challenge everything she’s ever believed in.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age