Darkness Stirs

by Luke Kramarz

The Jarl didn’t know about the madness when he led his raiders far south of Saltmarre’s bitter cold.

Bjorn, the son he left behind, knew even less.

Though he has the support of his battle-ready best friend Un and the guidance of the headstrong Shala, it’s as clear now as it was more than a year ago that Bjorn is no leader.

Then the messenger arrived.

The warriors of Saltmarre did not stay in the South, he says, but instead headed West—where the uncivilized tribes were lost a generation ago. Where only ghosts remain. They survived the madness with the help of a society Bjorn and his people only remembered in their myths: the Krool.

And they need Bjorn’s help.

Who are the Krool? What are the Zgraja? What controls this madness that infects them? If Bjorn can’t find the answers then not just Saltmarre, but the entire world, may soon fall.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic