Dark Side of the Realms

by Papa Sanchez

Welcome to the dark side of the Realms…

Kailo and his new bride now have the upperhand in their impossible quest to save the realms. Kailo’s magic continues to grow, giving him new powers beyond expectations. Even the Dark lords are starting to fear them.
As their quest continues, they venture into new lands and explore places previously not thought to exist in their search for the lost scrolls. After discovering a dark portal, leaders in the quest fall, leaving those left behind in emotional turmoil.

When Kailo vanishes and there is no way to bring him back, his companions must decide will they continue the quest?

Is all lost?

Join Kailo and his crew as they explore wondrous new environments and confront their biggest obstacles yet in the next book of this adventurous YA series.

More villains. More fantasy quests. More sword and sorcery.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic