Dark Pawn

by A.B. Cohen and JP Rindfleisch IX

What if you discovered magic…

…the night your father murdered your mother?

Would you seek revenge?

Leah Ackerman had everything a fifteen-year-old could wish for. A home in the suburbs of Chicago with a loving family, friends she partied with, and a bright future ahead of her. But everything changed that gut-wrenching night.

Now, there’s only one thing she wants.

The truth.

It lies in her mother’s past. One with mysterious ties to a secret society of demon hunting mystics. Can she trust them to teach her what she needs to know, or will she just become another pawn in their game?

Uncovering this truth leads Leah to the edge of the rabbit hole.

Is she ready to take the leap?

You’ll love this gritty tale, because good and evil clash into shades of gray, and survival comes at a cost.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban