Dark Nebula: Isolation

by Sean Willson

An invading alien force puts humanity on trial. A deadly alien super-virus threatens the first human extrasolar colony. A centuries old family secret lies at the center.

At the dawn of mankind’s colonization of the stars, it’s threatened by an alien collective. They insist humanity has knowingly broken its most sacred law. Only one family knows the truth.

As the President of CoPE, Abigail Olivaw thought she’d be a footnote in a centuries old master plan, until she’s thrust into defending mankind in a galactic tribunal.

Forced into a political power struggle while an alien virus threatens to destroy their new home, Major Lync Michaels and Director Joyce Green must choose to defend the colony or answer a call to arms light years away. What they uncover shakes the foundation of the colony.

Can they all mend their fractured pasts to save humanity or are they millennia too late?

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Colonization