Dark Nebula: Generations

by Sean Willson

In the future, he’s immortalized as an A.I. Now, he’s plotting Earth’s course for centuries… and perhaps sending them all to their doom.

Harold Olivaw believes valiantly in humanity’s grand destiny. Astounded by the alien probe he’s unearthed beneath the ice of Antarctica, the aspirational scientist sets into motion a secret mission to push humankind to its limits.

With interstellar forces amassing and human beings ignorant of cosmic power plays, aliens and homo sapiens will soon clash in an epic war like no other…

As the stage emerges for the greatest threat of all time, will anyone emerge unscathed?

Dark Nebula: Generations is the all-revealing third book in the Dark Nebula space opera series. If you like answers to serial mysteries, getting into the enemy’s head, and era-spanning explorations, then you’ll love Sean Willson’s mind-blowing saga.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera