Dark Legacy

by J. C. McKenzie

And she’s not angry, she’s furious.

When Raven’s sister gets embroiled in one of Bane’s sinister plots, Raven sees red. No one messes with a Crawford. She’ll stop at nothing to save Juni, even if it means challenging Bane, the Lord of War.

Bane knows no bounds and stops at nothing. He wants unlimited travel across Raven’s magical barrier to renew his war on the Mortal Realm. But most of all, the Lord of War wants revenge on Raven and her lover, Cole.

Raven and her team must rescue Juni and discover the intricacies of Bane’s plan before everything Raven worked so hard to build as the new Queen of Corvids crumbles and innocent lives are ruined.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban