Dark Hunt

by Annika West

A sexy dragon. A snarky outcast. A dark hunt that ties them together.

Aster King II is a lot of things.

Impulsive? Totally.
Sugar addict? Yup.
Prone to reflexive stabbing? Every day of her life.

As a supernatural citizen with weak powers, Aster’s reality is mediocre. But after she finds herself in a sewer running from a deadly creature she accidentally pissed off, everything changes.

Supernatural job? Gone.
Crappy L.A. apartment? Repossessed.
Legal status? Indentured Employee to one of the most powerful, dangerous shifters in the world.

Now, Aster is forced to help him and his two associates steal magical artifacts before the items destroy Los Angeles. All while ignoring the sizzling, forbidden tension building between her and her new employer.

But Aster didn’t plan on spending her mortal years on a leash. Can she get her freedom back before her life goes up in flames?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban