Dark End

by Grace Hamilton

Only the strong will survive when civilization collapses.

Barnard’s Star, light years away from Earth, went supernova. Now, six years later, the influence of that catastrophe is just reaching our planet. When the resultant EMP strikes Earth, the world is sent back to the Stone Age. Yet it soon grows evident there are worse things hidden in the dark matter released with the EMP. Human aggression goes off the charts. Violent eruptions become normal. Small disagreements become bloodbaths. Combined with the effects of the EMP, just surviving becomes a challenge.

Josh Standing took an oath to serve and protect those of their North Carolina community. But his drive to rescue tomorrow’s troubled youth has created a rift between him and his wife, Maxine, that he’s not sure he can fix. Now Josh again finds himself torn between his duty and his family—stuck on a ship in the Atlantic…

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic