Dark Communion

by CJ Perry

Ayla carries a death sentence in her womb.

Minotaurs have enslaved her people for generations, using women as breeding stock.

Ayla cries out to her long-dead mother to save her, but it is a dark Goddess who answers. Offered the power to free her people at the price of her soul, Ayla becomes the Goddess’ first chosen in a century — the Harbinger of the Dark Queen.

But when the slavers hear of her fomenting revolution, will her faith be enough? With only her Goddess and with the woman she loves by her side, she’ll raise an army…or die trying.

In a world where good and evil are in the eyes of the beholder, discover what happens when the heroes of Light reign supreme, and those left behind are forced to turn to the darkness for freedom.

Will you take the Dark Communion?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic