Galla of Chelandra

by Karina McRoberts

Astounding Epic Fantasy from an Award-Winning Author

Bored with castle life, apprentice animal healer Galla Jenari sets out to explore her world — a land of tumultuous landscapes, stunning beauty, and horrendous dangers. What begins as a holiday soon morphs to a sojourn of nightmare.

Once ridiculed by the handsome, headstrong Prince Shiran; Galla has become a powerful woman.

He’s not laughing now. Knowing her astounding ingenuity is his only hope, Shiran pleads for her help in his battle to regain his castle from a cruel enemy.

With her own home now threatened, Galla continues to battle prejudice, fanaticism, and stupidity; and takes it upon herself to become a power within her own right, beholden to no one. A power to defeat all enemies; come what may, or come who may. For Galla Jenari, things will never be the same.

Classic epic fantasy with modern themes and a young woman at the helm.
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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban