Dangerous To Know

by KT Davies

Come for the chaos, stay for the mayhem.

After being chased by a dragon, tricked by a demon, almost killed by a psychopathic gang boss, and hunted by a ferocious spider assassin, Breed’s life really takes a turn for the worst.

Sentenced to five years bonded servitude to a one-handed priest magician, Breed, a Guild Blade of small renown, must find the hammer of the ancient hero known only as The Hammer of the North within a year and a day…

Or else.

So, with only a drug-addicted vagrant, a rat-faced child, and a timid priest for backup, Breed sets out for the mighty city of Valen and the tomb of the Hammer.

What could possibly go Wrong?

Dangerous to Know is the first book in the gritty Chronicles of Breed epic fantasy series. If you like scoundrels, sword and sorcery, and comic grimdark, then you’ll love this gripping tale.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery