Dane Curse

by Matt Abraham

For a guy like me, who can shrug off bullets and lift seven tons, there’s no better profession than powered crime. But after ten years of tossing Buicks at heroes I took the cape off my back, and hung out a shingle that reads Dane Curse, PI. Now I work cases for the dark denizens I was counted among, because sometimes even the unjust deserve a little justice.

At least that’s how it was before the world’s greatest superhero was mysteriously murdered, an act which threatens to spark a war that’ll tear my home apart, unless I find the killer in five days’ time. But to get to the truth I’ll need to contend with vicious black capes, an army of lawmen, and white caped heroes with ill intentions.

No simple task, so I’ll need every bit of my strength, guts, and powers if I’m going to find the killer, save my city, and maybe even get some justice for the greatest hero the world has ever known.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure