Damaged Incorporated

by Drew Avera

War tore them apart. Revenge brought them together.

Decades after civil unrest destroyed nations, newly crafted governments sought to bring unity to the world. But not every nation wanted to bow to new leaders. The rich and powerful seized control of the global economies while the poor were left to die in the streets. Not until they suffered enough would the rebellious bend their knee to authority, but even then, it would be too late to stop what was coming.

Roderick Ames was a Marine, and proud of it. He fought tooth and nail to serve his country, though it was a far cry from the once great nation his father had served. Despite the hardships of perpetual war, his patriotism never wavered. Not even when a missile strike killed everyone in his squad; everyone except him.

A war-torn veteran with no future, Ames is offered the chance of a lifetime; an opportunity to return to the f

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Category: Science Fiction – Military