Dakiti: Ziva Payvan Book 1

by EJ Fisch

**An action-packed sci-fi thriller! Dakiti and its sequels are just 99¢ each until May 31**

The distant world of Haphez is located on the edge of populated space. The planet’s native superhuman race is feared and respected by neighboring civilizations. Their military and police forces are unmatched.

Haphezian operative Ziva Payvan is a skilled assassin who takes pride in her ability to leave the past in the past. When she’s forced to team up with the brother of a man she killed, her world is turned upside down.

Aroska Tarbic is angry about his brother’s death and has spent two years waiting to exact his revenge. But when Ziva’s team uncovers a deadly plot that could put the entire Haphezian race in jeopardy, she and Aroska must set their differences aside long enough to save their people…and maybe even each other.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure