Daisy’s Run

by Scott Baron

Daisy’s ship hadn’t blown up yet, which was a plus in her book. But with the powerful AI supercomputer guiding the craft beginning to show some disconcerting quirks, and with its unsettling cyborg assistant nosing into her affairs, Daisy’s unease was rapidly growing.

Add to the mix a crew of mechanically-enhanced humans, any one of whom she suspected might not be what they seemed, and Daisy found herself with a sense of pending dread tickling the periphery of her mind.

Something was very much not right, she could feel it in her bones. The tricky part now was going to be overcoming her biases against mechanical beings and figuring out what the threat was, before it could manifest from a mere sinking feeling in her gut into a deadly reality.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Pushing Daisy

by Scott Baron

Escaping from deranged cyborgs and a malcontent AI had been the run of Daisy’s life, but one from which she had miraculously come out the other side in one piece. Unfortunately for her, she had survived that ordeal only to find herself in a far deeper mess.

With an even more dangerous turn of events thrusting her in harm’s way, Daisy’s original plight was now dwarfed by the new issues at hand. Issues involving not only her crewmates and herself, but threats on a global level. Earth was in jeopardy, and much as she hated to admit it, Daisy, it seemed, was its best hope.

Driven into action, Daisy found her newfound skills tested to their limits, and quite nearly to their breaking point. Unfortunately for her adversaries, they didn’t know just who it was they were pushing around, because Daisy was most definitely not to be trifled with. She was the woman who pushed back.

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