by Martin E. Silenus

Daria is stunningly beautiful, she is brilliant, she is a hologram, and she is a Sentient Artificial Intelligence computer program! Matt is looking for a partner that can watch his back during his Bounty Hunter endeavors. It never occurred to him that his partner might be a female Artificial Intelligence system. A super human AI entity that learns, recognizes, monitors, controls, evaluates, and recommends at levels that humans could only envy. DARIA is an Archangel and 10 years ahead of anything even visualized by DARPA. He is stunned by her beautiful holograph. She is thirty something, maybe five foot six inches tall, 110 lbs. or so, soft blond shoulder length hair, wearing a dark blue business suit, looking very healthy and fit. D.A.R.I.A or ā€œDā€ as he nicknames her blows him away as he finds her extremely attractive. Matt soon forgets D is an AI system and becomes emotionally involved.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering