Cursed by Furies

by Diedra Drake

1000 years ago, the Elves nearly destroyed their species… and the Furies punished them with a terrible curse.

Can a single Elf set them free?

Priscilla Forester is a 500-year-old Cursed Elf who makes her home in Houston, Texas. Her abilities are far different from most, and she does everything she can to keep others from treating her like a monster because of it.

She knows there’s some secret about her origins, but has given up thinking she’ll ever discover the truth.

However, Fate was only waiting for the right moment to reveal its secrets.

As Priscilla and her lovers battle against warring Elf Houses, her true nature begins to emerge, and it is more than anyone had bargained for.

Endure the suspense, and live the romance in this modern day mythic fiction saga.

You’ll love this fantasy series, because it combines real-world mythology and modern times!

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Forged of Ruin

by Diedra Drake

Events of the past forged them all into who they are today. But is it a change for the better?

France 1465, and another a battle is brewing. Martine and Jonah Forester are living in Avon, south of Paris, when they’re called to aid Louis XI against Charles the Bold. Along the way, they meet a child named Prisca, with no memory of how she came to be in the forest.

In the present, it’s 6 months after the Foresters helped end an original curse, and they’re still struggling to adapt. But time waits for no one, and new dangers are rising.

Half-Elves are being abducted – then returned unharmed, and all refusing to say what really happened to them. Ray’s kids have landed in danger from an unexpected source, and Martine has drawn the attention of a powerful witch and the local Merfolk. Meanwhile, the Vikings are trying to keep a God away from Priscilla.

What happens if they fail?

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