Cursed by Diamonds

by JK Ensley

Her peaceful life was an illusion. Terrifying creatures hold the keys to her freedom. Jenevier must find the strength to claim her destiny and save her world.

If you enjoy character-rich quests, surprising discoveries around every corner, and an ending you never saw coming, then you’ll love the first installment of JK Ensley’s epic fantasy series, A Dance with Destiny.

Once kissed by paralyzing darkness, Jenevier Embarr must learn to fight if she ever hopes to live a free life. Yet, such a daunting task is only attainable by surrendering herself over to an ethereal power… one that is far from heavenly.

Touted As “a fantasy tale that effortlessly pulls you inside the story” and “Lord of the Rings, if a woman had written it” Cursed by Diamonds will leave you awestruck and eager to consume the rest of this magical tale.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic