Crystal Shards Online Omnibus I

by Rick Scott

Over 1100 pages of LitRPG goodness! Grab books 1 to 3 of Crystal Shards Online today!

“There’s only one rule…don’t get hit.”

When Ryan discovers an item that grants the ability to dodge any attack, he has the chance to become one of the game world’s most elite and sought after players: a Dodge Tank.

But for someone who’s never played a combat class, success isn’t so easily had.

Now, to save his mom, Ryan will have to overcome his disability and level his way to the top, but the real-world consequences are more far reaching than he ever could have imagined, and the fate of not just his mother, but humanity itself, may be resting in his hands…

WARNING: Contains RPG mechanics, detailed party combat and giant boss fights. If these things do not interest you, then this is not the book for you!

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Category: Fantasy – TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations