Crimson Eyes

by L.L. McNeil

Seila has been slaying demons for as long as she can remember.

A Phantom, she’s traveled the length and breadth of England in a quest to reclaim her humanity – and her soul. With her Sieken Blade, she cuts down the demons in her path to redeem past evils and win her freedom from the endless hunt.

But in her pursuit, she crosses others with similar goals – the Kouzlo, a secret organisation of supernaturals dedicated to ridding the Earth of demon scum and sealing the portals they slink through.

When an Elite Demon makes sport of London’s Kouzlo, its leader, an ancient Enchantress called Fallow, implores Seila to join their cause before they’re wiped out. Used to working alone, the demon hunter is torn between her own hunt and joining Fallow’s team – and the chance to bring down her greatest foe yet.

Thrown in with Damon, a fledgling half-Fire Elemental with limited control of his powers, and Tej, a reckless human with a penchant for crossbows, can Seila and her new allies keep it together long enough to save London?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban