Coyote Calling

by Heather McCorkle

The children of Fenrir are rising whether werewolf seeker Sonya Michaelson likes it or not.

Sonya’s hot college professor boyfriend wants nothing more than for her to move in with him and settle down where he can keep her safe. But Sonya is no damsel in distress, let alone someone’s lap dog, even if he is a Viking descended werewolf hot as Thor. She has werewolves tangoing with madness to save, and a new mystery to solve when a coyote shifter shows up on her doorstep. Navajo women are going missing—skinwalkers to be precise. What’s worse, someone is turning them into coyote shifters, stripping them of their skinwalker powers.

Perfect for urban fantasy fans who love Vikings and Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban