Covert Talents (Uprise Saga Book 1)

by Amy DuBoff and Michael Anderle

Ava’s telepathic abilities always set her apart as a military warrior. She was smaller than the others, but she had spirit. She had purpose.

When a recon mission goes horribly wrong, Ava and her team discover evidence about illegal nanotech experimentation tracing back to her home planet. To make matters worse, people are going missing, and no one knows why.

As a natural telepath, Ava is the FDG’s best chance to get answers through an undercover mission in a secure lab.

With mounting evidence that the high-tech company is not what it seems, Ava is torn between her home and her loyalties to the FDG as she struggles to prevent the star system from plunging into interplanetary civil war.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera