Countdown To Oblivion

by Shaka Bry

Vesta, an asteroid of mammoth proportions, is on a collision course with Earth. An unavoidable annihilation countdown permeates pre-apocalyptic life. For Rain, a 16-year-old girl in coastal Maine, the end couldn’t be coming at a worse time.

And then the Internet goes dark…
And the electric grid collapses…
And people across the globe trade civility for shared, terrified anarchy…

With our destruction a foregone conclusion, society devolves into feral madness.

As if this isn’t enough to reckon with, Rain’s about to uncover yet another inconceivable bit of information:

She might be descended from aliens.

Rain takes refuge with Ang, a lifelong friend and able-bodied ally. But might he be harboring secrets of his own?

Until humanity meets the same fate as the dinosaurs, the countdown will continue, clocking away our very existence.




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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion