Corp (Space Station Astral Venture Book 3)

by Ell Leigh Clarke

Some truths set you free. Others show you just how trapped you really are.

Uncovering the brutal reality of the arena has been a game changer. But unlike most truth it hasn’t set them free. Armed only with their collective ability and desire for vengeance they hatch a plan akin to a suicide mission to take down the corporation responsible for their untold weeks of hell.

This final show down is going to challenge not just their metal and identities, but their entire view of the world as they know it.

As terrifying as the prospect of facing down an entire corporation the size of a military empire may seem the stakes are far bigger than just their own survival. The way of life, and the collective character of the human race, now hangs precariously in the balance. Only they can tip the scales.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure