Corbyn Black: The Demon’s Kiss Trilogy

by L. J. Hachmeister

Something’s wrong with Corbyn Black. Ever since she turned fifteen, she’s suffered from night terrors, sees the dead, and attracts strange animals. Things only get worse when her mom moves them to a remote mountain town. There, she meets Seth, a boy who answers to the same call of darkness, Tala, a beautiful girl cursed to shifting into a werewolf, and Jay, whose instincts to protect Corbyn from the supernatural activity plaguing the town are just as strong as his desire to hunt her down.
But just as Corbyn’s newfound magic unfolds, so does its dark roots — and her connection to the town matriarch and witch who plans to unleash Hell’s demons to ravage the Earth. Uncertain about herself, her allies, and her ability to pass beginning algebra, Corbyn must choose her place in the battle as Hell’s forces are unleashed.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban