Contemporary Spellcraft

by Christian Andreo

Dark witch December Bowen is supposed to be taking her powers to the next level, when she is pressured to collect the essence of the boy she loves to fuel her growing cosmic energy.
Unable to doom him to a shadowy half-life, she vows instead to heal him and keep him safe. Rival caster Charlotte Solvnik will do anything to climb out of a garbage life. When a potent adversary invades her domain, she’ll fight claw and razor to claim the prize she needs to jumpstart her own magic. She will even cast a dangerous, ancient spell to bind the boy to her… with disastrous consequences. With December agreeing to a perilous ritual in exchange for help, she begins training with the slimmest hope of surviving. Until Charlotte reveals the one secret that could destroy them all… Who will win in this deadly race to claim victory? Or better yet, who will survive?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban