by A.D. Enderly

In a barren, destitute age where corporations have replaced governments, the outside world is no longer safe. In order to survive, the poor flock to corporation created mini-states, called Complexes. They offer shelter, security and stability; everything you could ever need. The only price? Your freedom. 18-year old Val knows that she must do everything she can to protect her sister, Kat and heed her late father’s wishes: never, ever join a Complex. Stay away from them, at all costs, he demands. But when Kat gets kidnapped, staying away isn’t so easy, especially when Val discovers that she is the very key to overthrowing the entire system. Beneath her sister’s kidnapping lies a motive darker than death and broader in scope than just a few lives.
As Val and her allies uncover the truth, they’re confronted with a terrible choice – save Kat, or save humanity?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian