Colony Ship Conestoga

by John Thornton

The Colony Ship Conestoga series in one omnibus is now available. This is the entire Colony Ship Conestoga series.
Eight full novels of original, thrilling, and unique sci fi adventure and excitement.
Over 770,000 words, and 2,200 pages.
Read the whole story of the adventurers Cammarry and Jerome as they head out for the lost Colony Ship Conestoga! Using unproven technologies will these people find of home for humanity, or just a lingering death?
Quest for the Conestoga
Marooned on the Conestoga
Repairing the Conestoga
Alone on the Conestoga
Reconnoiter of the Conestoga
Conflict on the Conestoga
Ascent of the Conestoga
Last Flight of the Conestoga
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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure