Clouds Over Akaloshia

by Riley Moreno

Cara is in her Junior year of High School. Her father is fighting in Iraq and her mother’s job has brought them to California. Born and brought up in New Jersey, Cara feels alien in LA, until she meets Chad Lyons and a bunch of frenemies. While trying to meddle in matters that don’t concern her, Cara stumbles upon a secret that Chad is keeping from her, but when she wises up to what he and the others are up to, Cara becomes enmeshed in the most dangerous adventure ever. Her school term is fraught with encounters with werewolves, fending off threats imposed by a new breed of shapeshifters, and a discovery of worlds beyond her own.
Through the dark perils that beset her on every side, Cara discovers her love for Chad while Chad’s heart is torn between two lovers. Will Cara eventually win Chad’s heart, even as she struggles to win the battle that will save his life?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure