Close Proximity

by M.D. Cooper

As the Orion War begins to spread across the stars…

When Tanis Richards sold her nanotech in the Silstrand Alliance, no one could have imagined the chain of events she would set in motion.

Kylie Rhoads is a junker. She makes her living traveling the stars, salvaging abandoned ships left over from pirate attacks on the edge of the Gedri system. Some of the hulls are legal for the taking, most aren’t.

When a salvage job goes bad, Kylie finds herself on the wrong end of a gun. The hand holding that gun? The SA Space Force, just the people Kylie wants to avoid. To avoid prison, Kylie makes a deal to go deep into the Gedri System and rescue a simple girl but out in the fringe, nothing is as it seems.

With her ex acting as the military liaison, Kylie takes her crew on the most dangerous mission of their lives. Rescue the girl, defeat the crime syndicate, and pray the military holds up their end of the bargain.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Strike Vector

by M. D. Cooper

Kylie Rhoads risked life and limb to rescue a girl, thrusting the Dauntless and her crew in the middle of an interstellar tug of war. Now, running from Silstrand Alliance, the GFF, and the Black Crow, Kylie fights the very thing she set out to save.

An advanced nano-technology that is slowly changing her body and rewriting her brain–if Kylie survives the process. That nanotech, is priceless and some people Kylie travels with, would kill to sell her out.

But before she goes down in a blaze of glory, Kylie will risk it all one more time to do the one thing she promised to do. Find Nadine and free her from the hands of the bounty hunter who’s keeping her prisoner. Only problem is, the Silstrand Alliance is on her tail, and they will use every means at their disposal to see that the advanced technology doesn’t fall into enemy hands.

Even if it means all-out war.

Previously $3.99