Cling – A Post Apocalyptic Thriller

by Jeff Menapace and Kim Bravo

Sadie can perceive what others cannot. A rare and hazardous gift, it is one she would rather not possess, as its price is great suffering.

Wandering the wastelands of a ruined Earth plagued by gangs and Cling—an affliction which shortens the lifespan to mere decades—Sadie’s hope to find a slice of utopia fades.

When a reckless moment sets her on the run from a brutal warlord, her flight leads to a mysterious boy who holds the answer to Sadie’s salvation. If she will use her gift to help his community, he vows to share the location of a tunnel deep beneath the ground—a tunnel revealed to Sadie in a fever dream as the key to defeating her pursuers.

But when Sadie enters the tunnel, her discovery plunges the boy’s community into unimaginable peril. Fortunately, Sadie has a few tricks up her sleeve—and an old acquaintance with a notorious set of skills who just might join the fray.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic