Clash of Heroes

by Craig Halloran

After the fearless hero is banished to another realm, Nath has no recollection of his past. Trapped in a dark, deadly, and devastated world, Nath is bound in servitude to the evil underlings who use their arcane powers to force Nath to kill their vile enemy, the Darkslayer. As he sets out, Nath walks a dangerous road, uncertain of who his true enemies–or allies–are. With nobody to trust and unable to find his way home, Nath is in for the fight of his life. In this clash of the titans, will Nath uncover the truth of the powerful Thunder Stones in time or be stranded in a perilous world forever?

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Clash of Heroes book 2

by Craig Halloran

To Clash or not to Clash…

Nath finds an ally in Venir in his quest to search for a way home, but the world of Bish, it’s harsh elements and it’s nefarious people won’t make it easy.

Oran the underling Cleric has sought the assistance of Collo the Gnoll and his manhunters to hunt down Nath Dragon and The Darkslayer. But the underling Lords Catten and Verbard don’t think that will be enough. They imbue Oran with some of the nastiest underlings hunters of all.

Realizing that he is putting new friends and allies in danger, Nath decides to go it alone and enters the eerie and unpredictable Red Clay Forest where he is never heard from again. It’s up to the Darkslayer to find Nath before the dark forces that chase him close in.

Can Venir find Nath in time? Or will Nath’s pride be his undoing?

Previously $3.99