by J Lynn Hicks

Seventeen-year-old Liberty Moore lives a Rockwellian life until her dad lets her in on a grave secret—the world she sees is fake, programmed by a chip implanted when she was born.

Gifting her with a pendant that strips the illusion, he shows her town which hangs on the brink of disaster, filled with deadly pollution and undrinkable water.

Before she can adjust to that bombshell, her father disappears. When a doppelganger tries to replace him, her necklace reveals his deception.

With her father missing and her mother willing to sacrifice everything to keep the facade, Liberty ventures into Clarity to find the truth beyond the guise of perfection and overcome a malicious plot to delude the citizens of her city.

If she fails, both she and Clarity will cease to exist.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


by J Lynn Hicks

On a journey to the other side of the river, Liberty gets help from a family with a surprising connection to hers, and a young man helps her search for her missing parent. The war between the NoTechs and the ProTech flares up in the streets, and an old enemy resurfaces.
When the fire comes, will she get her people out alive?

Previously $5.99