Circus at Devil’s Landing

by Debra Castaneda

Decades before a deadly attack wipes out a neighborhood along Roy’s Slough, a circus ship crashes ashore at Devil’s Landing.

Among the wreck’s survivors: a young woman from the mountains of Mexico seeking to free her captured lover, a vile ringmaster, and creatures that howl in the night.

The lifeboats carry more than the circus troupe to the fog-shrouded harbor on the central coast of California: cages, secrets, and a lifetime of resentment.

Hoping to fund the rest of their journey, the circus performers put on a show in the isolated village, but when a new animal act debuts, things go horrifyingly wrong.

The events that follow reveal the depth of the ringmaster’s ambition, the true nature of the beasts, a test of Ana Maria’s love, and the real story behind the deadly Slough Devils of Devil’s Landing.

Previously $3.99

Category: Dark Fantasy