Chronomad One: The World That Was

by Jay Pelchen

Planet Earth is broken.

Civilisation was plunged back into the Dark Age when the Sun spewed forth the largest solar flare in recorded history. But amidst the ashes, a lone physicist made humanity’s greatest scientific breakthrough – time travel.

A decade later, the fledgling technology is ready to send a pair of daring pioneers on a one-way journey into the past. When the portal shuts there will be no communication. And no coming back.

Even then Matilda and Harry were enthusiastic volunteers, eager to impart their futuristic knowledge so a future civilisation might mitigate the inevitable celestial cataclysm.

But when the inaugural mission goes awry in its opening heartbeats, Matilda finds herself trapped and alone in 12th Century England.

She is Chronomad One. Humanity’s first time traveller.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel