Chronicles of Zoey Grimm Complete Series Boxed Set

by Theophilus Monroe

My brother is taking over the family business…
It was something I’d trained for my entire life.
I was more suited for it than he was in almost every way.
Except for the most important one… the ability he’d inherited from our father.
Why wasn’t I born with the same powers?
I’m leaving the underworld. I don’t belong there anymore.
Of course, I only have one marketable skill:
Kicking ass and taking names.
How can I use that to start a new life for myself on Earth?
Unfortunately, vigilantism doesn’t pay the bills.

Included in this boxed set:
Family Squabbles
Revenge of the Scythe
Reaper For Hire
Deadly Beasts
Angry Gods
Olypmian Pursuits
Soul Harvest

The Chronicles of Zoey Grimm is a fast-paced urban fantasy adventure featuring a slow-burn closed-door romance. This is not a reverse-harem.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban