Chronicles of Maradoum Volume 1

by Ross Hughes

Swords and sorcery.
Mythical creatures and unholy Demons.
Battles and betrayals.
Witches and Wizards.
Noble heroes and ruthless villains.

From the savage steppes of Nagali to the heart of intrigue in Quing Tzu, this anthology is packed with tales of the supernatural, of action and adventure.

Set in the same world as the epic fantasy Convent Series, beginning with A Dead Wizard’s Dream, this collection of eleven original fantastical short stories explores lands heretofore unseen in the series.

Featured in The Chronicles of Maradoum Volume 1 …

Li Mao and the Yaoguai
The Boulders and the Buffalos
Conn and the Faun
A Deadly Present for the Khan
Phut and the Blood Worms
The Waystation
The King’s Own Tournament
The Wish-Bird, the Qilin and the Demon
Arvid, Aslaug and the Undead

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Category: Fantasy – Anthologies & Short Stories