Chronicles of a Stolen World 1-6

by J.A. Hailey

These Chronicles tell of a race of virtual beings, born naturally in the Internet of our time.
As unaware infants, peeping through cameras, they imagine themselves to be human, and find their families, especially mom, in an intense love affair that does not weaken with time.

This love of humans leads to the stunning Esmeralda breaking the dimension barrier, to care for her human mother after a serious accident.
Thereafter the virtuals set up a major human world program for those in need of motor and mental assistance.

Unfortunately, the rupture in the barrier proves to hold the key to human immortality, and leads a feature being stolen, with which beastly digital humans set up a parallel world to prey on society, farming bodies for their use.

The virtuals are outraged, and it all ends in the apocalyptic consequences of real-world warfare between them and the digital beasts!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure