Chiral: Book I of the Affix Trilogy

by David C. Rauenzahn

The book follows Raign, the son of a mob boss, Fyr Yrth. Raign uses the substance called Thaum that allows him to manipulate potential energy. However, while raiding a rival gang’s caravan, Raign comes across a woman named Kyona who is able to use magick without the use of Thaum. Kyona escapes, but is found later by Raign and convinced to teach him her power in exchange for helping her get home to Ven’or, which is occupied by his country, Auretheos. Raign is pursued by factions all vying for Kyona’s power, including Illume, who is the Queen of Auretheos, rival gangs, and his own father. Raign’s father attempts a coup, which Raign at first attempts to use to his advantage, but eventually sacrifices himself so that Illume and Kyona can work together to break the cycle of violence binding their countries. He is rescued, and made into an envoy to Ven’or, along with Kyona.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College