Children of the Miracle

by Daniel Weisbeck

In a dark future, the Sanctuary of Americas has been running genetic experiments on humans with animal DNA to stop a deadly virus which took humanity to the brink of extinction. The result is the Chimera, a hybrid human species which are immune to the virus.
The Sanctuary is using the Chimera’s DNA to find a cure for humans, but the Chimeras want their freedom and are fighting for a place in a new world order still run by the Pure humans.
When the FossilFlu virus mutates, any hope of immunity is gone for both human and hybrid alike. As it spreads, everyone and everything must fight to survive, even against each other. The cure to the virus is the key to power and the future face of humanity.
One woman, Doctor Mercy Perching, may hold the cure to the new virus, but whose side is she on? May the best species win.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian