Children of Rhea

by AJ Santana

Hundreds of years into the future, humanity is inseparable from the technology that it has become so dependent on in the past. The Global Chip (GC) once installed augments reality in a way of your personal choosing and has rendered all forms of external technology obsolete. It has even become illegal for an average person to become disconnected, and so uncommon that many would scoff at the idea of meeting any of those who have become known as specters. The only exceptions to this rule, are those serving in the military, who have their chips reinstalled on the days that they end their service.

It is during his service that Nathan Ackerman first found himself disconnected, and found the state to be intoxicating. This is why on the last day of in the military, he decided to go AWOL and disappeared. Since then he has managed to lay low and was careful to not draw the attention of the central government. Never did he imagine that he would instead be discovered by a lowly gun runner and blackmailed into taking a job from the man. Before he knew it, Nathan found himself entangled in a plot that goes far deeper than he ever could have imagined.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk