Children of Rhea

by AJ Santana

In the distant future, humanity has become wholly dependent upon newfangled technologies. Once installed, the Global Chip allows users to augment reality however they wish, and this device has rendered every form of external tech obsolete. It’s now illegal for average citizens to disconnect, and the practice is so uncommon that most would scoff at the notion of meeting such a specter. No one is exempt from this rule, aside from those on active duty, and even they are reconnected as soon as their tour concludes.
It’s during his service that soldier Nathan Ackerman first finds himself awoken, and the state proves itself to be nothing short of euphoric. He decides to abscond on his last day in the military.
Lying low, remaining careful to not draw the attention of central authorities, he manages just fine. Never did he imagine that his freedom would be jeopardized by a lowly gun runner.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk